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Turning Legal Complexity into Property Clarity

Meet Our Awesome Team

Brett Carnegie

Senior Attorney

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Brett graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1992 with a B.SocSci LLB. He then commenced his articles at C and A Friedlander in December 1992. Broadening his horizons, Brett then joined Findlay & Tait (now Bowman Gilfillan Inc) as an Associate Director. Brett was then invited to join his old mate Mike Matthews at Michael Matthews and Associates, an erstwhile director of C and A Friedlander. All this time, Brett had his mind set on having his own practice where he could be master of his own destiny, which culminated in him commencing practice for his own account from 2002.

Brett has extensive experience in litigation, being a practitioner in the Magistrates Court, High Court and Constitutional Court litigation. Brett understands process and procedure, but more importantly, is able to think strategically and in so doing, pull the right people together to achieve the desire outcome for his clients. Brett’s prevailing attitude is that no problem is too big for him; he considers the circumstance and works out a way to achieve the desired outcome. Brett understands leverage, the legal system, extrinsic circumstances and how to bring this all together in the client’s best interest. If his assessment is that a negotiated outcome is best for the client, he is highly skilled in bringing about such a resolution. If circumstances dictate that aggressive
litigation is required, then he has the skill to up the ante and single mindedly pursue this route.

Brett is no stranger to the criminal and civil courts, he has been active in all spheres of litigation. He has learnt from the best.

Over a number of years now, Brett has become more and more involved in all things property. This came about because Brett had become an expert in residential property evictions and noticed that once the tenants had been successfully evicted, the Landlords were left without a managing agent. This was usually because the Landlord had become disenchanted with the service provided by the existing managing agent. Having spotted this opportunity, Brett then partnered with Lynette Thompson (who has extensive sales experience) and established an Estate Agency specialising in residential placements and property management, currently managing a portfolio of nearly a hundred properties.

One thing has led to another, which has resulted in Brett focusing on property law, more by chance than design. Brett is now focusing the firm on developing a boutique property law firm where Carnegielaw is now able to offer expert advice on all things property related.

Brett is an avid golfer, whose enthusiasm for the sport is not matched by his ability.

Brett can also be found catching a wave at Muizenberg corner.

But he loves nothing more than spending time with his lovely wife, three awesome adult sons and friends. He is known to enjoy a Jack Black beer (or two) with Chilli poppers!

Nicole Botha

Associate Attorney

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Having graduated from Rhodes University in 2019 with a BA LLB degree, Nicole joined Carnegie Law in February 2020 as a candidate attorney. Working with Brett, Nicole has gained extensive experience and is already a seasoned litigator. Nicole is already one of the leading experts in managing the complex and cumbersome Residential Property Eviction process. Nicole will be admitted as an attorney in early 2022 and is in the process of studying to become a conveyancer.

Nicole has also shown a keen interest in the Administration of Estates. When Nicole is not hard at work at the office or studying, Nicole can be found on the various hiking routes of table mountain which she loves so much!

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